YouTube starting back-to-back ads for fewer interruptions

YouTube back-to-back ads

YouTube starting back-to-back two ads for fewer interruptions so, you will watch videos for longer.

As if pre-roll advertisements on YouTube aren’t annoying enough, you have to tolerate ads in the middle of the videos! Well, not anymore! Now, you’ll be able to watch the whole video without any interference throughout. YouTube is considering this new idea where you will get two back-to-back ads you can skip when the video begins. These are called “Ad-pods” back-to-back ads.

At present, you have to see one advert before the video starts. On top of that, there are multiple ads during the video which make it very distracting. As a result of this new hallmark, YouTube anticipates that there will be a 40% decline in the breaks caused by ads in one video.

According to a recent survey, YouTube found out that the number of ads per video and the length of the videos greatly determine the number of viewers. This means there are high chances that people might stop watching the video if it contains too many ads. In particular, the longer videos are more probable to lose viewers.

Therefore, YouTube believes that “Ad-pods” will lead to increased views and fewer people leaving. Google mentioned in a post that viewers are highly perceptive when it comes to the length of the ads.

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It has been announced that the ad pods will soon be launched on desktop computers and later on smartphones and TVs. In this way, the audience will be managed effectively and viewers can quit watching ads if they don’t like them.

Moreover, YouTube is also planning to let people watch older movies, such as Legally Blonde, for free, with commercials. 100 films have already been made available for people to enjoy but with regular ads. Rohit Dhawan, the product management director at YouTube, explained that it will be a great advantage for both the viewers and advertisers.