YouTube SEO: How to Optimize Your Videos 2021

How to Optimize YouTube Videos

YouTube SEO: How to Optimize Your Videos

Good video content can now have a better chance of being watched by relatively more people than before. This is made possible through video optimization or YouTube SEO. It can have higher visibility than the competitors, on YouTube, Google, and other search engines.

Tips for YouTube SEO!

Video Optimization that will be Impactful

People always look for the easy way out for most things. This is where video content fits perfectly. Instead of reading lengthy articles, they would rather watch a video on the same topic. With rapidly growing technology, this trend has become even more common as videos are easily accessible.

Now the increasing demand for videos calls for the producers to respond. However, since there are literally thousands of videos about the same thing, you gotta do something unique to compete in this growing market.

We’ll provide you with some simple and then advanced tips to help you gain a competitive advantage.

YouTube SEO Basics

To make it easier for people to get to your videos, YouTube allows you to put a title, thumbnail, description, and links. You can also add videos to a playlist but before that, you need to use these tools correctly to get a bigger audience.


This is what catches the users’ attention in the first place wherever the video pops up. Make sure to put a relevant title as to what the video is actually about. Use keyword research to benefit from the publishing features. You are allowed to use 100 characters including spaces but don’t make it too long. They get cropped out if shown somewhere else other than YouTube.


Don’t make it too long but it should be detailed and catchy for the users. You can also link. You must add at least two links which should fit with the information and are not a kind of advertisement. It is recommended that you write a two to three sentence description, add one link at least, and do not exceed 300 characters( spaces included).


These categorize the video content and helps users and Google to perceive it better. Make sure the keywords are to the point and are not irrelevant. They will only make the viewers mad.

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Put a catchy picture that will attract the viewers to click. The picture must be clear. Refrain from editing it too much or putting on the fake stuff.


youtube seo

You don’t really have to add the videos to playlists, especially at the initial phase. They do help in expanding the range.


Content creators are given the opportunity to translate videos in other languages. If a particular demographic is to be targeted, this proves especially useful.


Select English from the Original language drop-down if your videos are in English. See the “Default for new uploads” to automatically list the next videos in English.

language options YouTube SEO

Advanced Settings

We’ll tell what changes you need to make here and how to do so.


Disabling the comments is not so much of a blessing in disguise as one would think. It greatly damages the visibility of your videos. Comments are used by YouTube to ascertain quality and relevancy.

Distribution rights

If you allow videos to be embedded, they will have a lot more views and will be frequently shared. They could be added to other webs, like news stations or blogs. Publishing the video Subscriptions feed is also a great tool.

Age Restriction

You don’t need to add restrictions unless the content of the video demands it. As per YouTube, the videos that must have age restrictions include “violence, disturbing images, displaying illegal acts, nudity and sexually suggestive content.” Such videos are allowed for users over 18.


There are 15 different categories available that ads YouTube to recommend videos. The videos almost always fit into one of those categories quite precisely. If they don’t, use the “Entertainment” tag.

Video Language

This has been mentioned before. If the video is in English, then select it here.

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Community Contributions

It is better to not allow the users to contribute in descriptions, titles and subtitles unless it’s for a specific cause.

Video Statistics

You can enable the video statistics on the watch page when the users press the chart icon below the video.

video statistic on youtube SEO