YouTube Originals will be free to watch from September 24
August 18, 2019

YouTube Originals will be free to watch from September 24

YouTube is making some YouTube Originals Movies, Events and Series free to watch for with ads. They were previously only available to Premium members.

YouTube is finally making its original movies and series free for everyone to watch. YouTube Originals are exclusive to premium members of YouTube. Starting from Sep-24, viewers will be able to watch YouTube Originals without a premium membership.

Some YouTube Original movies, series, and live events are available free for viewing. However, you will see ads during viewing experience and only select episodes may be available for streaming at any time, YouTube said in its official blog post.

people can check YouTube Originals channel to see which movies and shows are available for free. Those which are still exclusive to YouTube Premium members will have the Premium tag below the video. Among the YouTube Originals shows which are currently free or will be free are Cobra Kai, Impulse, Groom, Liza on Demand and Mind Field.

Although free, the list of shows is quite limited for viewers. Most popular shows like Burn The Stage, Scare PewDiePie, Youth and Consequences and Single by 30 are still exclusive to YouTube Premium.

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This service will also work only in countries where YouTube Premium is available. YouTube Premium users get ad-free viewing, video and playlist downloads.

Premium users will still enjoy a better viewing experience, which noted that they won’t have to sit through any ads and they will get immediate access to every episode in a show’s new season.

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