Ufone 3G Internet Packages: Daily, 3 Days, Weekly, Monthly
Ufone - Packages - Ufone Internet Packages - January 5, 2019

Ufone Internet Packages: Daily, 3 Days, Weekly, Monthly

Ufone 3G Internet Packages: Daily, 3 Days, Weekly, and Monthly

Find the best your desire Ufone Internet packages. (PTML) Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited is a Pakistani cellular service provider. Ufone started its operations in 2001 and it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of (PTCL) Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited.

As a result of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited’s privatization, Ufone became a part of Etisalat in 2006. It has a subscriber base of over (Twenty Four) 24 million and network coverage in all over Pakistan.

Find Best Ufone Internet Packages Below

Dial *3# from your mobile phone and choose your desired Internet Buckets

Ufone Daily 3G Internet Packages

Package NamePriceVolume (MB)ValiditySubscriptionUnsube
Special DailyRs. 55001 AM- 09 PM*810#UNSUB to 7810
Daily LightRs. 104024 hours*804#UNSUB to 8804
Daily HeavyRs. 157524 hours*8042#*4804#
Mega InternetRs. 122 GB01 AM- 08 AM *550#*550#

Ufone Daily Internet Package

Package NamePriceVolume (MB)ValiditySubscription
3 Day BucketRs. 251003 Days*3350#

Ufone Internet Packages Weekly

Package NamePriceVolume (MB)Validity Subscription
Weekly LightRs. 5025024 hours*7811#
Super InternetRs. 1001.2 GB24 hours*220#
Internet PlusRs. 1503 GB24 hours*260#

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Package NamePriceVolume (MB)ValiditySubscription
Monthly LightRs. 2501 GB30 Days*7807#
Monthly HeavyRs. 5003 GB30 Days*803#
Monthly MaxRs. 100010 GB30 Days*5100#

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Ufone Social Data Internet Packages

Package NamePriceValidityVolumeSubscriptionDetail
Social DailyRs. 51 Day100 MB*4422#Free usage on WhatsApp, Facebook, & Twitter
Daily ChatRs. 51 Day500 MB + 10000 SMS*3465#
Free usage on WhatsApp and 10,000 sms
Streaming OfferRs. 81 hour500 MB*78#Free usage on Youtube & Daily Motion
Social MonthlyRs. 5030 Days1 GB*5858#Free usage on WhatsApp, Facebook, & Twitter

All packages are valid for prepaid customers only

Package can be subscribed by dialing *3#

Dial *706# to check the remaining volume.

Ufone Postpay Internet Packages

1 GBRs. 30030 Days*4547#
3 GBRs. 70030 Days*805#
5 GBRs. 100030 Days*7550#
10 GBRs. 120030 Days*8550#

Package can be subscribed by dialing *3#

Dial *4545# to check the remaining volume

Dial *7701# to deactivate 3G on your connection

Find latest Ufone internet packages “HERE”

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