Trump’s Rejection To Hearing Khashoggi’s Murder Tape

donald trump

US President Donald Trump stated he doesn’t want to listen to an audio recording of vicious’ Khashoggi murder.

The murder of the Saudi Journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, was committed on 2nd October 2018. The Saudi consulate was the last place where he was seen and was allegedly assassinated inside the office. Turkey sent an audio recording of the extermination to the US state. Trump, however, has no intention to hear the tape.

According to an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump expressed his reason for not going through the recording. He declared that he would not listen to something so brutal as he could imagine what it contained.

Furthermore, Donald Trump mentioned his desire to keep the close association with Saudi Arabia. He interrogated the involvement of the Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salman, who was also accused.
Donald Trump believes that the Prince was falsely blamed.

On Saturday, he said that the Central Intelligence Agency was ” very premature” for holding MbS’ responsible for the felony. The Democratic and Republican legislators insist that Trump should take a more sound decision about the whole matter. Accordingly, Trump must stop the weapons sales to Saudia.

The Saudi government was not aimed at, however, the US government levied penalties on 17 accused Saudi officers.

Saudia is a major confederate for the US, providing support against Iran.
Even the Republican Senator Graham Lindsey, a close friend of Trump, believes that he is being unreasonable and has already deteriorated their relations with the Kingdom.

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