Trump tweets ‘Stop The Count’ But if vote were stopped, Biden would win

Trump tweets 'Stpo The Count' But if vote were stopped, Biden would win presidency.

President Donald Trump on Thursday called for election officials to stop counting votes, but as the count currently stands, he would not be re-elected if that happened.

STOP THE COUNT! Trump tweeted.

At the moment, Joe Biden has 264 electoral votes and Trump has 214, according to Decision Desk HQ. A candidate needs 270 to win the presidency.

Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump in both Arizona and Nevada, which have not yet been called by Decision Desk HQ. If vote counting stopped right now and the election was called, the two states would give Biden 6 electoral votes and he would hit 270 votes overall.

Though Trump is ahead in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina, three states that also remain uncalled, collectively those states would not give him enough electoral votes to defeat Biden.

In short, it’s not in Trump’s interests for vote counting to cease. He would lose the election to Biden based on the current vote count.

Since polls closed on election night, Trump has baselessly claimed that the election is being stolen, suggesting a conspiracy to disenfranchise Republican voters is afoot. There’s no evidence of this.

The election of 2020 was always expected to be messy because of an unprecedented number of mail-in votes. It’s estimated that roughly 65 million Americans voted by mail this year, largely because of the coronavirus pandemic.

For months before the election, Trump pushed the unsubstantiated assertion that mail-in voting would lead to widespread voter fraud. In truth, voter fraud is extremely rare in the U.S.

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Trump has also repeatedly asserted that no votes after an election should be counted, but that’s not how the process works. There are never full results on election night, as officials in states across the country have days or even weeks to count and certify results (laws and deadlines vary from state to state). Moreover, many states allow absentee ballots to arrive after Election Day, including from U.S. service members overseas.

After Trump called for vote counting to stop, he falsely tweeted: “ANY VOTE THAT CAME IN AFTER ELECTION DAY WILL NOT BE COUNTED!”

Overall, 22 states and Washington, DC, count all ballots postmarked before or by November 3.