Top YouTube Earners: A 7-Year Old Making $22 Million

Ryan Top youtube earners 2018

Top YouTube Earners: A 7-Year-Old Making $22 Million

Ryan is a seven-year-old boy who’s one of the youngest YouTubers out there. But unlike any other child YouTube creator, this kid knows the game! He literally made $22 million on YouTube this year!
Just by putting on toy reviews he has become the highest earner in the YouTube community. He even left Jake Paul behind as he earns $500,000 more than Jake.

His channel is called “Ryan Toys Reviews”. His parents created the channel back in 2015 when he was only four years old. At present, the kid has approximately 17.3 million subscribers and around 26 billion views in total, on several uploaded videos. Ryan is also the first on the list of Forbes’ highest-earning YouTube celebrities. Jake Paul and Dude Perfect come after him on the list.

This year, Ryan made twice as much money as last year due to teaming up with sponsors. Forbes’ data reveals that the YouTube advertisements accounted for only one million. The rest came from the sponsored posts.

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Source: Forbes

In August, Walmart came up with a special toys clothing range and named it “Ryan’s World”. You must have realized by now that he is a really famous kid. Walmart even put a video on their website where Ryan and his parents- the occasional guests in the videos- look for toys in Walmart. It has more than 14 million views! His yearly income from next year will include a significant amount from Walmart.

Ryan told the interviewers at NBC that he is entertaining and humorous that is why children watch him.
He also has another channel, called “Ryan’s Family Reviews” where he is sometimes joined by his twin sisters. A video on this channel, named “Top 10 Science experiments you can do at home for kids” has over 26 million views. All three siblings appear in that video.

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