Top 7 things I have learned about SEO to do for 2021

Top 7 Things I Have Learned About SEO

Top 7 Things I Have Learned About SEO

Today we’ll tell you about some of the top 7 things about SEO we have come to know and significant advancements that need to be highlighted.

1. This year’s Google updates were unparalleled:

Updates in the search engines are quite normal and they are experienced frequently. Just like Google’s Panda and Penguin updates were a huge success. But this year, the updates in Google’s system were absolutely matchless in terms of the recurrence and difficulty.

SEO experts were scuffling to find out the objective of the update was, only to find out that it’s being terminated. SEO is no longer about the renowned “200 factors”. In fact, that had hanged long ago. Every user can have countless different factors, like the moment, location, queries, and vertical.

2. We live in Google’s world:

Google controls the type of SERP that people see and what it includes. Obviously, you can’t change that. Google just uses the users as its experiment subjects regarding its continual updates. It claims to provide the best service to the users, however, we have noticed that Google answers the increasing number of questions through SERP features(“zero-click searches”).

It is also escalating the CTRs for paid listings. SERP includes the answers that people’s content is used for and all they get is a little bit of brand value may be. The SERP is slowly being swallowed by Google while it’s decreasing the CTR for organic catalogs.

3. Google’s Mobile-First Index hasn’t had much of an impact yet:

The mobile-first index came out during the year but nothing considerable happened. In November 2016, Google claimed they would launch the mobile-first index slowly to assess its effects and this is what happened. A lot more variations were anticipated although the mobile-first index shift only changed their accumulation of information instead of the way they rank sites. Nothing has happened to the sites providing a poor user experience.

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4. SEO Pros don’t like Change:

SEO experts are not fond of changing their ways of doing things, like auditing sites, reporting, using tools, etc. But to lead, you have to be innovative and gradually adapt to change. For example, the conventional 50+ pages SEO audit reports which require months to get done should now be changed. You need to redefine the way you work.

5. DuckDuckGo’s Growth has picked up by a lot:

DuckDuckGo’s is a small search engine but has been growing significantly. The reason for this is due to the fact the search engine remained loyal to their promises. It is proving to give Google a tough challenge.

DuckDuckGo's Growth has picked up by a lot
You can follow their growth Here

6. Search Intent is really important:

A great deal of Google updates seen lately aid to get the right results for the right search purpose. Google keeps checking if the users are satisfied with the results they are shown. Previously, the searchers had the option to rank for pages that were not desired for the intent. You should be careful when doing keyword research and writing content that fulfills the visitor’s intent.

7. Google’s not perfect:

Google is using the most advanced algorithms to ascertain the type of content, what the search intent is, what fulfills people’s search queries, etc. However, it isn’t perfect. For instance, people are saying that the quality of search results has deteriorated after the updates. Besides this, many spam links are still working better than ever.