Is it time to upgrade to an industrial sewing machine?

upgrade to an industrial sewing machine

Are you a crafty person that likes to dabble with sewing projects now and then? Is it turning into a burning passion that you want to cater to adequately? Well, then it might be time to ditch your domestic sewing machine and invest in industrial sewing machines Australia! But, how do you decide that getting an industrial sewing machine is the right call to make? Let’s walk you through it!

What are your needs?

The first question is whether you genuinely need to lay your hand on industrial sewing machines in Australia or not. If you are confused, ask yourself the following questions to deduce a sure-shot answer:

  • Are you an owner of a small retail shop with an alteration department?
  • Do you own clothes altering business?
  • Are you looking to expand the scale of your small business and need to add more sewing machines?
  • Are you a home tailor who wants to venture into a professional sewing business?
  • Are you a designer keen to learn better and seek professional results?
  • Do you sew all the time?

Depending on your dedication and how often you desire to sew, you can then choose to buy an industrial sewing machine.

Do you have ample space?

An industrial sewing machine is both big and hefty. Unlike a regular domestic sewing machine that you can carry, keep and store anywhere, you would need a proper table to keep an industrial sewing machine.

In an industrial sewing machine, the motors are generally attached on the outside, and there is a bigfoot pedal connected with the table. A domestic sewing machine contains a motor within itself and is pretty compact.

So, keep the space availability in mind when choosing an industrial sewing machine.

For example, if you have a small one-bedroom apartment, a 50-inch industrial sewing machine table is not worth it!

What about the money?

When investing in a sewing machine, it would be best to pick something robust, stable, and long-lasting. Industrial sewing machines can last forever. Their sturdy metal bodies hardly ever undergo glitches or require repairs.

On the other hand, the domestic sewing machine is often made of plastic and can quickly develop cracks.

So, if you sew often and do not want to hassle yourself with regular repair work, then an industrial sewing machine is a great option!

Do you want to contribute to the Australian textile industry?

Australia’s cutting and sewing market industry has witnessed a 1% downfall from 2017-to 2022. If you are enthusiastic about giving back to the Australian economy and adding your two cents’ worth to it, you can actively contribute to the industry.

Get yourself knee-deep in the beautiful world of sewing clothes and partake in the textile industry. An industrial sewing machine can help you fast-track your sewing journey.

So, help the Australian textile industry grow!

Parting Words

To upgrade or not to upgrade – it’s a million-dollar question worthy of being prodded upon! Consider all the factors – money, space constraints, usage needs, durability, work quality, etc. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose a suitable sewing machine to fit your bill. Until then, happy sewing!