Telenor Internet Packages, Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2021

Telenor Internet Packages 2G, 3G & 4G

Telenor Internet Packages 3G & 4G 2021

Find subscription codes for Telenor daily, 3 days, weekly, and monthly internet packages.

Telenor is proud to have the largest number of subscribers in the world. It has 176 million subscribers from 12 countries from all over the world. The reason for the popularity of Telenor telecom is its high-quality services, stronger communication and, the best data packages in 12 countries of Asia and Europe.

Find Best Telenor Internet Packages Below:

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Bucket NamePriceVolumeValidityActivationDe-Activation
4G Daily UnlimitedRs. 16350 MBOne day (From 1 AM to 7 PM)*10#Automatically expires at 7 PM on the same day
4G Daily BundleRs. 1575 MB24 hours*345*131#Automatically expires at midnight
4G Daily LiteRs. 1250 MB24 hours*12#Automatically expires after 24 hours
Good Time OfferRs. 5.50200MBs for Facebook + 10,000 On-Net minutesValid for next two hours (except 6 PM to 9 PM)*345*20#Expires after two hours
Social PackRs. 6100MB (valid for Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter)24 hours*5*325#
Expires automatically at midnight
Raat Din 3G, 4G PackageRs. 121500 MB24 Hours*150#
Expires automatically at midnight

Telenor 3 Day Net Packages

Bucket NamePriceVolumeActivation
4G 3 Days PackageRs. 42200 MB + 200 MB for Facebook*32#
3/3 Mini Budget PackageRs. 3950 MB + 300 SMS, 600 On-net Minutes*345*243#
  • Automatically expires after 3 Days

Telenor Weekly Net Packages

Bucket NamePriceVolumeValidityActivation
4G Weekly UnlimitedRs. 852500 MB7 Days (Valid from 1 AM to 7 PM daily)*345*144#
Weekly PlusRs. 1001200 MB7 Days*345*164#
4G WeeklyRs. 75750 MB7 Days*345*134#
  • Automatically expires after 3 Days

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Telenor Monthly Net Packages

Bucket NamePriceVolumeActivation
4G Starter BundleRs. 3002250 MB*345*935#
Monthly Data OfferRs. 1502 GB*345*835#
4G Monthly PlusRs. 75010 GB*345*136#
4G Monthly PackageRs. 4784 GB*345*135#
4G Monthly LiteRs. 150025 GB*345*1001#
4G Monthly SmartRs. 220055 GB*345*1002#
4G Monthly ValueRs. 3800100 GB*345*1003#

Telenor Postpaid Net Packages

Bucket NamePriceVolumeActivation
Internet 100Rs. 100 + Tax150 MB*345*481#
Internet 200Rs. 200 + Tax300 MB*345*482#
Internet 350Rs. 350 + Tax600 MB*345*483#
Internet 600Rs. 600 + Tax4000 MB*345*484#
Internet 1000Rs. 1000 + TaxUnlimited*345*486#

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