‘Star Wars’ actor Andrew Jack dies of COVID-19 at 76

Star Wars' actor Andrew Jack dies of COVID-19

English actor Andrew Jack, who flaunted his talent in ‘Star Wars’ and acted as a dialect coach on ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ film trilogy, has died from coronavirus complications. He was 76.

In the wake of her husband’s death, Rogers herself took to Twitter confirming the news.

He succumbed to the illness at a hospital in the UK while his wife Gabrielle Rogers had to remain in quarantine in Australia unable to say goodbye in person.

Andrew Jack’s representative Jill McCullough was reported to have said that social distancing restrictions have left doubt about whether a full funeral is feasible.

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Andrew Jack played a resistance officer in the first two movies of the new Star Wars trilogy and also acted as a dialect coaching for his co-stars.

Only this year he was coaching Robert Pattinson for The Batman which shut down production in Britain on March 14

Jack helped create the dialects for the various fictional languages in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings film trilogy.