Experts Say: Soap Is More Effective Than Sanitizer Against COVID-19

Soap Is More Effective Than Sanitizer Against COVID-19

Due to the increased demand for sanitizer, the public began panic buying which lead to a shortage. Ever since the pandemic, health organizations have issued directions to fight the virus. Health experts say to maintain good hygiene handwashing can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The best way to stay away from getting sick is to wash hands with a liquid hand wash or soap bars in a sink with water and soap. Sanitizer should be an alternative to washing hands when water is not available. By washing hands with soap it removes dirt and bacteria that flows with water in the drain.

Which is a Better Way to Protect from the Virus

Which is a Better Way to Protect from the Virus

While sanitizer kills the bacteria and leaves dead bacteria on your hands. Therefore, soap is best in killing the coronavirus. Besides soap bars and liquid soap, both are good for killing the virus, soap bars are more suitable to use at home. While liquid soaps should be kept in public places or hospitals for better hygiene.

Doctors agree with 20-sec handwashing fights against  coronavirus
Doctors agree with 20-sec handwashing fights against virus

What’s the science behind soap destroying the virus?

There is a coating material of protein and fat surrounding the coronavirus cells. When a person rinses hands with plain water it rushes over the virus without touching it. Because the fatty layer acts as a drop of oil. As you know oil cannot mix with water, so, when both are together the oil floats on top. If we add soap to this mixture it will quickly dissolve into the water

The hand washes liquid or soap bar has two sides of molecules. One side attracts fat and the other side attracts water. This pulls the fat part and breaks it down into the water. The soap works to pull apart the fat molecules of the coronavirus and destroy them. In the end, water rinses the bacteria down the drain. Overall, it takes some time for the process to happen 20-secs to be specific.

Do alcohol-based sanitizers fight the germs of COVID-19?

Sanitizers also kill the germs that spread viruses. It works similarly to soap by breaking the fatty layer. But you need a high quantity of alcohol for it to be effective. Health organizations recommend at least 60 percent of alcohol in sanitizer to kill germs.

Do alcohol-based sanitizers fight the germs of COVID-19

Still, you need to wash hands with soapy water if it’s available. Hand sanitizers won’t work if your hands are sweaty or very dirty they dilute the sanitizer’s efficiency to work. As for soaps, any soap works great to kill germs and bacteria.

How to prevent dryness after rinsing with soap?

Washing hands more often can lead to dryness of hands. Instead of using the old bar soaps which can make your skin dry, choose a mild hand wash. There are many disinfecting hand washes available in the market that provide moisture to the hands after a rinse. We suggest washing hands with a hand wash having anti-bacterial and nourishing properties for daily use.

Which anti-bacterial liquid hand wash is best for killing bacteria

Due to the increasing cases of corona virus, people should wash their hands more often. This will protect them from getting infected. Choosing the right product for this purpose can reduce the effects of hand dryness.

We love this anti-bacterial Foaming Coconut Hand Wash by WBM Care. This moisturizing hand wash is crafted with a rich blend of essential oils and Himalayan pink salt. The Organic Coconut protects the skin from germs and bacteria as it’s anti-fungal by nature. The healthy boost of amino acids and vitamins provides nourishment to the skin. Not to mention, liquid soap kills 99.9 percent of germs. (Check out other variants of liquid hand soap from Online Shopping in Pakistan)

5 Reason to love natural foaming soap

5 Reason to love natural foaming soap
5 Reason to love natural foaming soap

Here are some reasons why foam soap is a better option for washing hands.

  • 1.Instantly create lather without waiting to scrub hands
  • 2.They are made from pure essential oils and contain no chemical.
  • 3.Effective in killing all bacteria and germs just like liquid soaps but uses less soap
  • 4.As they foam quickly there is less water wastage
  • 5.The soap residues clog the drains, by using foamy soap we use less product so less unclogging of drains.

If Foam Is Not What You Are Looking For Try out these Luxury Hand washes

The premium liquid soaps are crafted with nature’s love. They use only pure ingredients 100% free from SLS, silicone, paraben, or color. We suggest using Lavender oil hand wash crafted by Dr. Barbara from Natural Solutions.

What’s special in the luxury brand of soap?

As compared to regular liquid soaps made from chemicals that dry skin. Experts have come with naturally crafted formulas in high-end packaging. For people who like something “extra” in their bathroom, it’s an ideal product for them.

This Premium soap comes in 3 Amazing scents:

  1. Natural Honey
  2. Marula oil
  3. Blood orange

Out of Hand wash soap? No worries we got you “Refilled”

The good news is these natural handwashes come in easy to pour refill pouches in 400 ml. Whenever the liquid finishes you can buy refill soap from your nearest superstore. Or you can buy online liquid hand Wash in Pakistan from online shopping in Pakistan.

The Bottomline

Overall, the argument of soap vs sanitizer is supported by answers from health experts. It is clear soap is more effective than alcohol-based sanitizers in fighting viruses. Meanwhile, sanitizers are a good alternative to disinfect hands when the water supply is not available. So the next time instead of emptying the shelves for sanitizers have a stock of liquid hand wash available. Don’t forget taking care of hand hygiene can prevent infection from viruses.

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