Singer Rihanna sent ventilator for father after he tested positive for Coronavirus

Singer Rihanna

Singer Rihanna’s father Ronald Fenty after testing positive for the COVID-19 has received a ventilator from his daughter to help him fight the coronavirus.

The 32-year-old singer Rihanna’s father during a conversation with the Sun opened up about his daughter keeping a check on him daily while he recovered from the infectious disease.

My daughter Robyn was checking in on me every day. I thought I was going to die to be honest. I have to say, I love you so much, Robyn. She did so much for me. I appreciate everything she has done, he said.

Ronald Fenty revealed further that Singer Rihanna had also gotten a ventilator delivered to his Caribbean residence, doing everything she could to help him fight the coronavirus.

Detailing his symptoms, Ronald Fenty revealed – I got a fever up inside of my nose. I had a fever across my lips. It was just a lot of fever.

I feared the worst. I thought I was going to die, honestly, he added.

Issuing a word of caution to the public, he also said during the course of the interview – I want everybody to stay at home. This is a serious situation. More serious than people realize.

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