Maxwell’s sordid sex life will be made public as she loses court bid

Secrets of Maxwell’s sordid sex life will be made public

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged pimp Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, has lost her legal battle to keep highly intrusive court documents under wraps.

Fresh details of Maxwell’s sordid sex life are included in the files, which were originally filed as part of a lawsuit against her by Epstein victim “Virginia Roberts”.

Virginia Roberts sued Maxwell in 2015 after the Brit called her a liar.

In the documents Virginia Roberts graphically describes Maxwell's sex life
In the documents Virginia Roberts graphically describes Maxwell’s sex life

The defamation case was settled in 2017, but following her arrest in July 2020, there have been applications to make public the documents regarding her relationship with the late convicted sex offender.

In August, Maxwell filed eleventh-hour paperwork in New York which blocked the release of the files.

She argued they could destroy her ability to defend herself against “criminal charges” she enabled Epstein’s sexual abuse of girls, which she has “denied”.

But the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan rejected Maxwell’s effort to block the civil lawsuit documents.

They are thought to contain nude, partially nude, or otherwise sexualized images, videos, or other depictions of individuals.

It was ruled that U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska back in August had correctly concluded the public had a right to access over 80 documents from a 2015 civil lawsuit against Maxwell by Roberts, now Giuffre.

“Giuffre had accused Epstein of having kept her as a sex slave and forcing her to have sex with Andrew with Maxwell’s help which the Brit socialite has dismissed”.

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to charges she helped Epstein recruit and groom underage girls as young as 14 to engage in illegal sexual acts in the mid-1990s.

She has also pleaded not “guilty” to perjury for having denied involvement in the deposition.

Maxwell was arrested on July 2, 2020, at Hampshire home where prosecutors said she was hiding out.

She has pleaded not guilty to helping Epstein recruit and eventually abuse three girls from 1994 to 1997 and committing perjury by denying her involvement under oath.

Epstein was arrested in July 2019 and found dead in a jail cell the following month in what was ruled to be a suicide.

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