Samsung cancels two Galaxy Fold prelaunch events in China
April 22, 2019

Samsung cancels two Galaxy Fold prelaunch events in China after test devices had malfunctioned.

Samsung Electronic canceled two Samsung Galaxy Fold media events planned for Hong Kong on Tuesday and Shanghai on Wednesday.

The Samsung made the abrupt decision after some tech reviewers reported test devices malfunctions, Wall Street Journal reported.

Reporters at CNBC, The Verge and Bloomberg complained about broken screens and other technical issues.

The screen problem was caused by removing a layer of film on the screen, which users thought was the screen protector. Others had problems with hinges or flickering screens.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gruman tweeted that, The screen on my Samsung Galaxy Fold review unit is completely broken and unusable just two days in. Hard to know if this is widespread or not.

The Samsung foldable phone is manufactured with a special protective layer, to cover the plastic Infinity Flex display. It is not a screen protector do not attempt to remove it, Samsung said.

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Samsung told Gizmodo they are looking into the problem to determine the cause of the faulty devices.

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