4 Ways Random Video Chatting Can Improve Your Creativity

Random Video Chatting Can Improve Your Creativity

If you visit any old video chat website, you’ll see them offering things like “making friends, meeting new people, and generally having fun”. On a site like Camgo, you can explore random chats for hours as you chat with strangers and connect with all kinds of different people. It’s a great way to spend your free time, but what if you treated it as more than that?

As it happens, free cam chats can be more than a source of entertainment – they can actually boost your creative side too. Not because of any special hack or strategy; simply because of the people you meet along the way. If you keep an open mind and choose the right chat partners, you could even improve your social abilities, expand certain viewpoints, or learn new skills.

A quick word of advice: this could happen to anyone who consistently random video chats, but there are a couple of things that could help the process along. Firstly, be just a little selective about the chat partners you talk with. If you’re going after interactions that’ll serve a specific purpose, listening to someone whistle the last movement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony probably won’t do much for you. Feel free to use the “next chat” button whenever you need to, and you’ll be able to find the right chat partners much faster.

Secondly, give the process some guidance by telling your chat partners what you want right off the bat. If they don’t have their heart set on a specific topic, they’ll probably be happy to discuss whatever’s on your mind. And with that, let’s get into the details!

1: Experience positive effects on your real-life friendships

Creativity is about more than just designing or making cool stuff; it also influences the way you interact with other people. As you spend more time random video chatting, you could discover that you’re more open to potential friendships than you were before. After all, how many chats did you think wouldn’t amount to much at first, but ended up being loads of fun? By the same token, you might find yourself less hasty to write somebody off just because you didn’t sense an instant connection.

Random chats could also affect the friendships you already have. For instance, how many times have you gotten together with your friends, only to spend a ton of time thinking of something to do – or doing nothing? While it’s great to have some options to fall back on, you could also suggest some of the games, contests, or other activities you’d picked up while random video chatting. You don’t have to think of anything brilliant; even some small suggestions could make your get-togethers seem more dynamic.

2: Get inspiration for new styles, designs, or tips

It’s all well and good to rely on your natural talents, but there’s no shame in finding inspiration in other people’s ideas. You know the countless “inspiration boards” on Pinterest? With random video chatting, you can get the person-to-person version. Maybe you need an idea for how to shape the legs on a DIY nightstand, or you aren’t sure what to make for your friend’s birthday. It could be more mundane than that – what’s the best way to repair a leak in a garden hose? Not all of your chat partners will be able to weigh in on the matter, but even looking for the right person can be fun.

At this point, you might be wondering: what’s the difference between “getting inspired” and “ripping off someone else’s ideas”? That’s a good question, but listen – you aren’t going to get sued for copyright violation here. If you’re concerned about artistic integrity, just consider Renaissance painters. They all have certain characteristics that make their works unique, but if you visit a gallery full of paintings from the era, they’d all look pretty similar. Get where this is going? Just because you’re incorporating a version of someone else’s ideas doesn’t mean you can’t take credit for what you’re doing.

3: Strengthen your critical thinking by debating your chat partners

Being right feels great – and it’s easy to think you’re right if your viewpoints never get challenged. If you invite other people to debate you, they’ll be able to point out the weak spots in your arguments. It isn’t the most relaxing thing to ask someone to poke holes in your opinions while you do the same to theirs, but the result is usually worth the trouble. Instead of simply repeating whatever sounds right, you have the confidence that what you believe actually makes sense.

Of course, it isn’t advisable to spring an argument on your chat partner; that could easily be taken the wrong way. Instead, phrase it as a suggestion. If they can choose to do it (or not), you can avoid looking belligerent, and they’ll know that you aren’t just looking for an argument.

4: Learn how to color outside the lines

Even the most passionate of passion projects can stall if your ideas fizzle out halfway through. If that happens, try asking around on the random video chatting – you’re sure to get plenty of opinions! Even if you think they’re the wrong opinions, it’s still a way for you to see the project from all different angles. With various people giving their input, it’s just a matter of time before your wheels start turning again.

The best part? Once you’ve done it a few times, you can start anticipating what feedback you’ll get – and you can start doing it yourself. Your chat partners could still be a resource for advice, but maybe you won’t need them quite as much as before.

Not bad for something that’s mainly used for entertainment!

Everyone’s experience with random video chats will be different; it all depends on what you’re looking for, as much as who you meet. If one chat partner isn’t doing it for you, just go to the next one. With most random chat sites boasting thousands of users, you’re sure to have plenty of great conversations!

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