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Quantum Compass: The Future of Navigation


If you’re unwell from Uber/Careem’s drivers coming to the incorrect area every time? Scientists from M squared and Imperial College London might also have a solution for you.

It’s extremely vexing whenever your GPS lands you in a completely inaccurate location. Well, scientists from M squared and Imperial College London has come up with a better alternative.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is being used in all the current navigation/location tracking systems. However, the GPS is prone to jamming/interference attacks, which might make it capricious and unreliable at times.

The invention of “The Quantum compass” will certainly prove to be easier and dependable, since it can work anywhere, even in submarines.

This compass, better known as an accelerometer, requires no external signals, as it is a free-standing system. On the contrary, GPS depends entirely on satellite signals which can be obstructed by buildings, trees, etc. Estimates suggest that it would cost the UK £1 billion if GPS signals are blocked for a day.

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At any point in time, an accelerometer measures changes in an object’s speed. Hence, it allows you to figure out the object’s position. It should, however, be error-free, or else would result in problems. Dr. Joseph Cotter from the Centre for Cold Matter said:

Special lasers have to be used to cool down the atoms. So, at present, the quantum compass can only be used in large vehicles but shall soon be available on relatively smaller vehicles as well.

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