Preferential Trade Agreement between Pakistan and Tunisia

trade agreement between pakistan and tunisia

Preferential Trade Agreement between Pakistan and Tunisia

It is presumed that Pakistan and Tunisia may enter an exclusive Trade Agreement in the upcoming year. It will allow the two countries to rejoice an increase in mutual trade.

Adel Elarbi, Ambassador of Tunisia has revealed that discussions are being carried out over the Agreement between Pakistan and Tunisia. So it is probable that the PTA will be signed after a few months.

The Tunisian delegate spoke at an event at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry(LCCI). Senior Vice President of LCCI, Khuwaja Shahzad Nasir and the Vice President also made speeches during the event.

The Tunisian representative mentioned that the agreement will not be signed until the products for trading are decided. He also said that Tunisia holds a great geographical site that connects it to African countries, Europe and the Middle East. It will soon become the commercial center of Africa due to the Free Trade Agreement(FTA) signed with the European Union.

Tunisia can act as a port of entry for Pakistan’s firms to African countries. The ambassador indicated that inadequate information is a major factor causing obstacles between Pakistan and Tunisia’s trading issue. He emphasized the need for both countries to develop connections and communicate with each other. This could help in gaining more knowledge of the markets, hence providing improved trading opportunities for one another.

Khuwaja Shahzad Nasir, in his response, said that both the countries must start cooperating with each other and work towards better relations. As a result, they could mutually benefit from their strong points.