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Health & Fitness - November 17, 2018

The Benefits of Pomegranate Juice for Health

The Benefits of Pomegranate Juice for Health

This information is about pomegranate and its health benefits. Pomegranate juice can save people from cancer. It’s a tonic for the heart and can stir up your coital life.

If you’re still not impressed and are reluctant to drink pomegranate juice. Then let me tell you it can also reduce your growing belly.

Scientists have assured that pomegranate seeds have the ability to burn the extra belly fat in both men and women.

Researchers at Edinburgh University carried out an experiment where they asked the volunteers to drink a bottle of pomegranate juice every day for a month. After a month observed that no fat cells were accumulating in their stomach.

Not just this, but blood pressure had also fallen due to which the risks of heart attack, paralysis, and kidney failure had been minimized.

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Researchers have revealed that pomegranate extract is capable of reducing the quantity of fatty acid in the blood, called the “Non-esterified fatty acid” or NEFA.

It has been discovered by previous experiments on humans and animals that a high level of NEFA causes fat to accumulate in the stomach and this increases the likelihood of cardiac diseases and type 2 diabetes.

According to a recent study, 24 men and women had to drink 500 ml pomegranate juice daily for 1 month. After which it was seen that NEFA levels in half of the volunteers had dropped to a significant extent. Which led to the chances of fat collecting around the belly and waist being decreased.

Besides this, 90% of the volunteers’ blood pressure had also dropped by the end of the month.

The pomegranate juice contains a great number of antioxidants that render the harmful oxygen molecules, called “free radicals”, futile.

If these molecules are not controlled they start destroying the cells which can cause cancer, heart diseases, and premature aging of the body.

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Pomegranate also enhances the carnal life as the oxidants contained in it help to improve the blood flow into the vital body parts. Pomegranate prevents joint pain, lung, prostate and breast cancer.

It reduces cholesterol and stops the plaque from sticking to the teeth. Pomegranate juice during pregnancy will protect the newborn’s brain from any accidents.

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