PM Imran Khan's Salary less than his federal ministers
March 15, 2019

PM Imran Khan’s Salary less than his federal ministers

Did you know PM Imran Khan’s salary is less than federal ministers?
The leader who raised the slogan of a Naya Pakistan and introduced a country wide austerity drive soon after coming to power, what is his own monthly salary?

Prime Minister Imran Khan taking his salary less than federal ministers, who are getting the salary of about Rs. 2.5 lac per month.
Another Punjab Assembly member’s salary almost Rs.200,000.
Uzman Buzdar Punjab chief minister’s salary is Rs.450,000,
and the President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi’s salary is Rs.800,000.

According to a salary slip, the prime minister’s basic salary is Rs.107,280. The prime minister is given Rs.50,000 sumptuary allowance, an ad-hoc relief allowance of Rs.21,456, and further allowances of Rs.12,110 and Rs10,728.

After adding the allowances the PM Imran Khan is entitled to a gross salary of Rs.201,574 which is reduced to Rs196,979 after tax deductions of Rs.4,959.

Moreover, Imran Khan is himself paying for security at his Bani Gala residence.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed displeasure over Punjab Assembly’s decision to raise salaries and privileges of MPAs, ministers and Chief Minister of Punjab.

On Wednesday, The Punjab Assembly increased the salaries and privileges of its members to more than double after making legislation in record haste.

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