Donald Trump - Pentagon Endorses Pakistan
International - News - November 20, 2018

Pentagon Endorses Pakistan’s Critical Role After Trump’s Tirade

Pentagon endorses Pakistan’s critical role after Trump’s tirade

In the ongoing tirade of the U.S. President Donald Trump against Pakistan, the Pentagon explained that no change has occurred in the Pakistan-US Army relations.

Colonel Rob Manning, Director of Defence (US) Press Operations, was asked about the denunciative tweets Trump had posted about Pakistan. In his reply, he clarified that the army relations with Pakistan are still going strong. He further emphasized that Pakistan is a major ally regarding the South Asia strategy and the Afghanistan issue.

Trump’s tirade

Trump, in his recent tweets, called out Pakistan for not cooperating with the US even after being paid $billions by them. On top of that, he claimed that Pakistan knew about Osama Bin Laden’s hiding place but decided to keep it a secret.

trump tweet


PM Imran Khan’s reply

Imran Khan gave his take on the accusations made by Trump. He retorted that Trump should get his facts straight before blaming Pakistan because Pakistan always suffers due to US wars.

imran khan tweet

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