Paris Cleans up as Macron Prepares Response to Yellow Vests

Paris cleanup: photo AFP

Paris Cleans up as Macron Prepares Response to Yellow Vests

After the fresh “yellow vest” riots in Paris, the laborers cleared away the burnt cars and shattered glass from the roads. On Sunday, the state proclaimed that after a few days the President Emmanuel Macron will talk to the country.

paris protest
Protesters ‘yellow vests’ demonstrate against rising costs of taxes in Paris, on Dec. 8, 2018. Photo: AFP

This Saturday was the fourth consecutive weekend that the anarchistic protests have been going on for. The strikers ravaged the whole city. This included throwing missiles, burning up cars and wrecking stores and restaurants. Anti- Macron shibboleths were painted across the walls and shopfronts.

The president is being censured as he did not speak to the public, despite the increasing fury all around the nation. The ongoing turmoil has severely affected the markets and tourist sector. The supply chains have been at a halt due to the blocked roads. The whole city of Paris was shut down on Saturday, including the Eiffel Tower, museums, and department stores.
Bruno Le Maire, the Finance minister told Reuters that the nation’s economy will have to suffer due to these riots. The economic growth will decline by the end of this year. An increase in economic growth was being anticipated before the protests because of tax cuts which could increase sales.

“Everything is broken”

A furniture shop owner in downtown Paris was eased to find out his shop was safe. Though the boards over its windows were covered in graffiti. He told Reuters that the protests needed to stop as they are causing too much damage. People literally had to spend money to close their businesses.
The “yellow vest” protests suddenly began on November 17 when around 300,000 people came out on the streets. They criticized Macron’s economic policies and the high costs of living.

The government negotiated with the protesters and shunned the prospective tax increase on fuel. However, this failed to bring an end to these even stronger riots against Macron. They want lower taxes, higher wages, and pension benefits. Benjamin Griveaux, a government speaker, said on TV on Sunday that the president will soon address the public. But they must know that it’s not possible to fulfill every demand of the “yellow vest”.

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