Pakistani Student Brutally Beaten to Death In China

pakistani student killed in china

Pakistani Student Brutally Beaten to Death In China

Pakistani social media is abuzz with the news of a Pakistani student brutally beaten to death in China. The student’s family confirmed the deadly incident. The deceased belonged to Punjab’s city Bahawalpur, Pakistan. The sad incident was also filmed by somebody and according to the video, he is brutally beaten.

The initial information about the whole story declares that he was beaten to death by the father and brother of a Chinese girl who was supposed to be his friend. The Pakistani student is from civil engineering at Shenyang University, Liaoning, China. The family of the student has not given any statement yet as they say they are waiting for the postmortem report.

Government’s take on the incident

The foreign officer has an entirely different story to the whole thing. The FO says that the boy named Usama Ahmed Khan who committed suicide is not a deceased Pakistani student. The video about the death scene is totally fake and not of the boy from Pakistan. Usama was a student at Shenyang Jiyanzhu University and he committed suicide.

China student killed press release

The same sort of incident happened earlier as well this year.

Earlier in July, an independent digital media company SupChina released a video of a Pakistani student Moiz-ud-Din aged 26. The video showed the death scene of the boy by her girlfriend on a small dispute on the roadside. He was also accompanied by the girlfriend as in the above case. They shared a video of a 26-year-old Pakistani student, Moiz-ud-Din, being stabbed to death after a roadside argument with the accompanying girlfriend.

Times of Islamabad published that Moiz was enrolled in a Chinese language program at Nanjing Normal University, on scholarship. He had been studying at a Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)  since 2017.

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