Pakistani passport’s ranking gets worse in 2018 report


Pakistani passport has decreased from the rank 102 to 104 from 33 nations in 2018. Henley Passport Index, turning into the third most exceedingly terrible nation for worldwide travel.

Also, the Japanese visa presently remains as the most grounded on the planet with access to 190 nations, as per the 2018 Index discharged today.

Countries With the Strongest Passports

strongest passport

Already, Singapore’s visa imparted the rank to Japan with both scoring 180. Yet, now, Japan has surpassed the position exclusively, pushing Singapore to the second rank with access to 189 nations.

The positioning suggests that the Japanese residents can go without a visa or to obtain the visa on an entry in 190 nations over the globe.

3rd rank is shared by France, Germany, and South Korea, with access to 188 nations with no earlier visa. Outstandingly, South Korea and France figured out how to climb by picking up without visa access to Myanmar and Uzbekistan separately.

The two nations couldn’t increase earlier visa access to any new nation. The two visas have been seeing a descending pattern since 2015 when they positioned as the most grounded international IDs.

The nations sharing the fourth rank incorporate Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, and Spain, while the fifth rank incorporates Norway, UK, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, and the US.

Concerning the United States, it needed to slide down one rank and stands at the fifth alongside the United Kingdom with access to 186 nations.

Countries With the Weakest Passports

weakest passport

With respect to the last five, these positions have seen an expansion of a couple of nations. The fifth last place is held by Palestinian Territory, Sudan, and Eriteria with sans visa access to 39 nations. Yemen is one opening beneath with rank 103 and access to 37 goals.

Pakistan remains at 104 with access to 33 nations. Somalia imparts the 105th rank to Syria, both approaching 32 states. The last rank, i.e., 106 is shared by the contention zones Iraq and Afghanistan with access to 30 goals.

Via: Henley Passport Index