56 percent in new poll say Trump does not deserve reelection

Trump tweets 'Stpo The Count' But if vote were stopped, Biden would win presidency.

More than half of registered voters say in a “new poll” that President Donald Trump does not deserve to be reelected.

56% of voters told Gallup that the president does not deserve a second term, compared to just 43% who said that he is worthy of another four years in the Oval Office. The findings come less than two weeks before the presidential election as Donald Trump battles critics over his handling of the “coronavirus pandemic” and other issues.

The percentage of those who say that Donald Trump deserves reelection has dropped 7 points since January, Gallup noted, and comes as the survey giant found that 55% of Americans say they disapprove of the president’s overall “job performance”.

Just 43% of Americans said in a poll released Wednesday that they support the president’s overall performance, with a 90-point gap between Republicans and Democrats, 94% to 4%, in that category.

Voters also showed displeasure with Congress at large in the new poll, with 68% telling pollsters that most members of Congress do not deserve reelection. At the same time, 60% said that their district’s representative should return to Congress.

Gallup found that satisfaction about the country’s status in the world ticked up several points, from 14% to 19%, between Sep. and Oct. It remains far lower than Gallup’s historical average, 36%. The lowest it has ever been in a year in which an incumbent was reelection was 33% when former President Obama won another four years in office.

Gallup contacted 1,040 US adults between September 30 and October 15. Its results have a margin of error of 4% points. Information about the percentage of the US voters in the poll was not immediately available. The Hill has reached out to Gallup for comment.

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