Melania Trump attacks career politician Biden & warns he’ll push leftist agenda

Melania trump attacks career politician Biden & warns he’ll push leftist agenda

Melania Trump (The first lady) slammed Joe Biden as a career politician who wants to push a leftist agenda during a campaign speech in North Carolina on Monday.

Before a string of four speeches over the past week, Melania Trump had not appeared at one of her husband’s campaign events in well over a year.

During her 4th and final solo speech for the campaign, Trump mimicked the president’s mocking tone when discussing the Democratic agenda, and Joe Biden’s long history in politics.

When you vote tomorrow, you are choosing between a Washington outsider who will continue to do all he can to improve our country, a president with America First agenda, and proven results, she said. Or, you can choose Biden a career politician of over four decades, with no results.

She then went on to claim that Trump sees the future of America as bright, while Biden sees only “darkness”.

Melania Trump also accused Biden of wanting to pack the Supreme Court to protect a radical leftist agenda, while claiming her husband upholds and “defends” the U.S. justice system.

President Trump also took shots at intolerance and even violence her husband’s supporters face in the U.S. and slammed Democrats and the media for making the COVID-19 pandemic a politically charged, polarizing topic.

The Democrats, together with the media, have attempted to make coronavirus the most politically charged, polarizing, and divisive topic of the last decade, she said.

Instead of working with our administration to unify and protect our nation, they only sought to attack us.

The numbers of coronavirus cases have also been surging across the U.S. in recent weeks, and members of the White House’s own task force have warned the country is in bad shape for containing the COVID-19 as winter approaches.

Melania Trump’s speech was similar to three she gave over the previous week, including one in Wisconsin on Saturday where she accused Joe Biden of hiding in a basement.

Biden says he could do a better job leading our “great nation”, Melania Trump said. Apparently, when you hide in a basement, you feel safe communicating your wishful thinking.

Trump has made the accusation numerous times himself, including during the first presidential debate in September.

Earlier this year, Joe Biden didn’t campaign in person as much as Trump did because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He largely did media interviews and hosted virtual events from his home in Delaware.

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