MDA’s new housing society: Is it a wise choice to sign up?

MDA's new housing society

People have been lining up in long queues outside banks to obtain the forms of MDA Taiser Town scheme 45. But it would probably be wise to be cautious and research before signing up.

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Taiser Town scheme 45 announced by the Sindh government 15 years ago stands abandoned to this date without the amenities of life. The current Scheme 45 does not have any basic facilities for water, electricity, and gas.

Former president Pervez Musharraf inaugurated the MDA’s taiser town housing scheme in 2004. Taiser Town offered 60000 plots of different categories on over 9510 acres of land.

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Over 1 million citizens of Karachi submitted forms for the housing scheme. The MDA earned a whopping (non-refundable) Rs.44 million from the sale of application forms.

Almost 58000 citizens’ names were picked in the ballot. They submitted almost 90% of the price of their plots. The MDA has received almost Rs.7 billion from these 58000 citizens who got registered for plots in the housing scheme.

14 years have passed but there are no development and other facilities, including electricity, water, gas, roads or a sewerage system.

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MDA’s previous housing projects in Scheme 45 Taiser Town Phase-I, Phase-II and New Malir Housing scheme have flopped.

The MDA has set a different price for different categories.
80 square yard plot at Rs.80,000.
120 square yard plot at Rs.120,000.
240 square yard plot at Rs.528,000.
400 square yard plot at Rs.12,00000.