Karen calls man ‘Mexican nasty turd-colored dog’ in vile rant

Karen calls man ‘Mexican nasty turd-colored dog’ in vile rant

A Karen was filmed calling a man a nasty Mexican dog several times as he walked to his car in California.

Posted on twitter by the man’s girlfriend, the video shows a woman waiting on the sidewalk in San Francisco before following the man filming her.

Karen is a pejorative term coined in the U.S. for a white woman perceived to be entitled and privileged.

As he approached her, the Karen called him a nasty Mexican dog several times.

The man filming the woman responded by saying God bless you lady and Jesus loves you.

Don’t talk to me about Jesus, she said back.

In the video, the woman is seen claiming that the man was following her as she walked behind him.

She is later seen crossing the street as she yelled back at him, calling the man a Mexican nasty turd-colored dog.

The woman who posted the video said her boyfriend was walking to his car when he saw a woman yelling racial slurs at a Latino man who was walking his dog.

My bf called her to stop and proceeded to walk to his car, she captioned the video. She was waiting for him up the hill and started to attack him verbally.

In another tweet, she claimed they tried to report the incident to two local police stations but said neither have been helpful.

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