Joe’s brother under FBI investigation, day after Hunter revealed tax probe
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International - News - December 10, 2020

Joe’s brother under FBI investigation, day after Hunter revealed tax probe

Joe Biden’s brother James Biden is now caught up in an FBI hospital business probe, the day after Hunter revealed his taxes were being investigated according to more bombshell reports.

Investigators mentioned James Biden, one of Joe Biden’s two younger brothers, during an investigation into a Pennsylvania hospital business he was involved in, it was reported on Thursday.

The company Americore headed rural hospitals in Arkansas, Missouri, and Pennsylvania but it was raided by FBI agents in January when it went bankrupt, Politico reported.

Over the course of their probe, the feds began inquiring about how James Biden was involved in the business, the day after Hunter confirmed that attorneys in Delaware had contacted his legal team about his taxes.

Joe Biden’s brother was described as the principal but he disputed that description, a title which is under litigation in at least two states.

James Biden allegedly dropped the president-elect’s name to drum up business, one court case claimed while his nephew admitted that he was being probed by federal prosecutors.

In the wake of the election 2020, prosecutors in Delaware, the IRS Criminal Investigation agency, and the FBI issued subpoenas and are seeking interviews.

They didn’t make a public move to investigate Hunter. and possibly James, due to the Justice Department’s convention known as the rule of forbearance.

It’s not codified in law or formal guidance to US Attorneys but Attorney General William Barr previously told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt – The idea is you don’t go after candidates.

James Biden was allegedly part of Americore Health’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy and accused of gross mismanagement, which he denied.

Reports indicate Joe’s brother became involved with the business in 2017.

There are conflicting accounts in court documents about whether he was an investor or just doing business with Americore.

One former company executive told Politico he promised to organize an injection of capital into it via the Middle East but said this didn’t happen.

Two other small medical companies alleged James called himself the principal of Americore, name-dropped Joe and the family’s cancer foundation to convince them to do business before failing to adequately pay them, court documents said.

One allegation details how James’ wife, Sara, was given credit cards in one business deal, which they later blew on $100,000 at hotels, restaurants, and the Apple store.

The Hunter investigation focused on his extensive, pricey Chinese business dealings, according to Politico, but it’s not clear if Barr was aware of these investigations.

During an April interview, the AG said – You don’t indict candidates or perhaps someone that’s sufficiently close to a candidate, that it’s essentially the same, you know, within a certain number of days before an election.

On Thursday, Republican Senator Tom Cotton said a special counsel should be appointed to probe both Bidens as he claimed that there were also security fraud allegations involved in Hunter’s case.

Joe Biden’s son revealed yesterday that his tax affairs were being investigated, however, it is claimed the probe is much more wide-ranging.

On Wednesday evening, it emerged that feds in Delaware and Washington, DC, were looking into money laundering claims and Biden Jr’s foreign dealings, a source told Politico.

And the New York Post reports that the probe involves a laptop owned by Hunter which contains documents detailing his dealings in China and Ukraine.

CNN reported that the FBI is also looking into transactions with foreigners who posed counterintelligence concerns.

This comes a year after federal agents seized a laptop from a Delaware computer repair shop whose owner claims it was left there by Hunter.

Federal authorities in Pennsylvania have also launched a criminal probe into a hospital business in which Joe Biden’s brother James was involved, another source told Politico.

In September, Republicans alleged Joe Biden’s relatives were involved in a vast financial network connected to foreign governments.

The latest reports concerning the president-elect’s family come just over a month before he is set to enter the White House.

Joe Biden denies any involvement in his son’s business dealings.

In his statement yesterday, Hunter said the US Attorney’s office in Delaware told his lawyers yesterday that his tax affairs would be subject to a probe.

He said: I take this matter very seriously.

I am also confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors.

The investigation is reportedly part of a Grand Jury probe that names him as a subject/target with a target usually being used when there is a high probability that person committed a crime, a source told Fox News.

Suspicious Activity Reports were allegedly filed against Hunter regarding foreign transactions from China and other foreign nations, the source added.

His dad’s transition team’s statement read – Joe Biden is deeply proud of his son, who has fought through difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks of recent months, only to emerge stronger.

The last part of this statement would appear to be a reference to Ukraine, crack, and sex scandal previously published by the New York Post and reports about his business dealings in China.

The probe reportedly began in 2018, before Barr took over the role in 2019, two sources who were briefed on the matter told CNN.

Due to Justice Department guidelines prohibiting overt actions that could influence an election, the investigation was put on hold for the past few months.

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