Joe Biden gets most votes of any presidential candidate in history

Joe Biden gets most votes of any presidential candidate in history

Joe Biden has received the most votes of any presidential candidate in history after breaking Barack Obama’s 2008 record.

The Democrat has currently received 71,171,217 votes, which is more than Barack Obama’s total of 69,498,516.

President Donald Trump has received a total of 68,082,396 votes so far with 89% of the vote reported.

The 2020 election is also set to have obtained the highest voter turnout to an election since 1908. This year, 65% of the eligible Americans voted.

This year’s election could also turn out to be one of the closest in history.

The incredibly tight race for the White House now hinges on the Midwest and Rust Belt states, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

It has incorporated the 1789-2016 presidential election data from 270toWin, Dave Leip’s Atlas of the US Elections, and United States Election Project to come up with its list.

The news comes just hours after Joe Biden’s campaign manager predicted that the presidential candidate will win the election on Wednesday.

The Biden campaign manager made the comments on Wednesday as the Democrat took the lead in Wisconsin and Michigan, two key battleground states.

Jen O’Malley Dillon said: Biden is on track to win this election, and he will be the next president of the United States.

She added that Joe Biden is expected to give a speech on Wednesday afternoon.

Although most day-of votes have been tallied, mail-in ballots in some states were just beginning to be counted on Wednesday and it may be days before the final results are in.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, millions more Americans cast their vote by mail compared to other election years.

This means there could be sway in numbers in battleground states compared to what’s been totaled thus far.

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As mail-in ballots continue to be counted, Joe Biden held a lead in Wisconsin and Michigan as of Wednesday morning.

The two states could be key to the Democratic candidate winning the election as he and Donald Trump race to win a majority of 270 of the 538 Electoral College votes.

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