Jazz SMS Packages, Daily, Weekly, And Monthly 2021

Jazz SMS Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz SMS Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

You can choose any SMS package from different Jazz SMS Packages listed below. For Prepaid and Postpay customers for various prices and usage types. We will be including all of the SMS Packages be it, daily, weekly, and monthly.

Jazz is one of Pakistan’s biggest mobile operators as far as the number of customers is concerned. After the merger of Jazz and Warid, the joint company was rebranded as Jazz. Currently, Jazz is serving more than 55 million customers through their call packages.

Find Best Jazz SMS Packages Below:

Jazz Prepaid Daily SMS Packages

Offer NamePriceSMSActivationDe-ActivationStatus
Daily BundleRs. 4.771200*101*1*01#*101*4*01#*101*2*01#
SMS Plus BundleRs. 2.38150*106*1#*106*4#*106*2#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs. 5.981,500 + 10 MBs for WhatsApp*334#*334*4#*334*2#
  • This is a limited time offer Offer
  • Offer can be changed anytime
  • Terms and Conditions apply
  • The offer will be auto-resubscribed after the validity

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

Rs. 13.131000 + 25 MBs for WhatsApp*101*1*07#*101*4*07#*101*2*07#

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Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Rs. 47.7910,000*101*1*02#*101*4*02#*101*2*02#

Jazz Postpay Monthly-Packages

Package NameLine RentMinutesActivation
J 300Rs. 300 (Excluding Tax)1000 Jazz + Warid Minutes, 150 Other Network Minutes, 500 MB Internet, and 150 SMSDial 777 or 321
J 600Rs. 600 (Excluding Tax)2000 Jazz + Warid Minutes, 300 Other Network Minutes, 1000 MB Internet, and 300 SMSDial 777 or 321
J 999Rs. 999 (Excluding Tax)5000 Jazz + Warid Minutes, 500 Other Network Minutes, 2000 MB Internet, and 1000 SMSDial 777 or 321
J 1500Rs. 1500 (Excluding Tax)7000 Jazz + Warid Minutes, 500 Other Network Minutes, 7000 MB Internet, and 7000 SMSDial 777 or 321

Jazz Postpay SMS-Packages

Offer NameLine RentMinutesValidityActivation
J SMS-1Rs. 303001 MonthDial 777
J SMS-2Rs. 506001 MonthDial 777
J SMS-3Rs. 15060001 MonthDial 777
  • All prices are without taxes
  • The offer will be automatically resubscribed after the expiry

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