Intel to Take on Nvidia and AMD With its First-Ever Graphics Cards

Intel to Take on Nvidia and AMD With its First-Ever Graphics Cards

Intel is ready to take on its biggest rivals – Nvidia and AMD. The American chipmaker is readying its Arc Alchemist lineup of high-end GPUs that will take on Nvidia’s offerings such as the RTX 3070 Ti and 3060 Ti.

According to a new rumor sourced from IT Home, Intel had originally planned to launch its new GPUs in January 2022, but the plan has reportedly been postponed. The GPUs are now expected to launch by the end of Q1 and may even slip to Q2, but it remains to be seen if Intel plans to delay it further.

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The report says that the first batch of Arc Alchemist cards based on the Xe-HPG DG2 GPUs has already been shipped to Intel’s AIB partners for debugging. This means that we can expect a large number of GPUs available at launch with reference models.

Aside from the entry-level ARC A380 GPU, there will be two other models in the lineup that will rival Nvidia and AMD’s high-end offerings. The top-end Alchemist 512 EU with 32 Xe Cores will have at least three configurations. Here are the expected specifications for each:

  • 512 EU (4096 ALUs) / 16 GB @ Up To 18 Gbps / 256-bit / 225W (Desktops) & 120-150W (Laptops)
  • 384 EU (3072 ALUs) / 12 GB @ Up To 16 Gbps / 192-bit / 150-200W (Desktops) & 80-120W (Laptops)
  • 256 EU (2048 ALUs) / 8 GB @ Up To 16 Gbps / 128-bit / 60-80W (Laptops)

If all goes as planned, then we can expect to see Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs in the market by March/April 2022.

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