Hospital security guard pretended to be doctor and performed wrong operation on woman

Hospital Security guard became a doctor and performed wrong operation on woman

LAHORE: In a shocking incident, a security guard masquerading as a doctor operated on a woman at Lahore’s Mayo Hospital, Pakistan, ARY News reported on Saturday.

According to details, a security guard, who was fired from his job two years back at Lahore’s Mayo Hospital, operated on a woman with the help of the hospital’s operation theater attendant.

Mayo Hospital MS Dr. Iftikha informed ARY News that on 17th May the woman was brought to the surgical emergency room of the hospital for treatment of boils.

He said that the security guard while pretending to be a doctor convinced family members of a patient for operation and performed the wrong surgery just for the greed of money. The security guard also kept bandaging the patient at home for two days.

Mayo Hospital MS Dr. Iftikhar said that the administration handed over a security officer identified as Waheed Butt to the police, while Usman Butt, an on-duty employee in the operation theater, was also suspended.

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed said that an inquiry committee has been set up to investigate the incident. The MS further said that the condition of the patient is critical and he is undergoing treatment.

Soon after the incident, Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid took notice of the incident and directed the Punjab healthcare secretary to investigate the incident and submit a report as soon as possible.

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