Illegally owned guns confiscated from home of anti-gun Democratic mayor in New York

Illegally Owned Guns Confiscated From Home Of Anti-Gun Democratic Mayor In New York

Rochester, NY, is governed by Mayor Lovely Warren, and one of the mayor’s pet peeves is guns – particularly the illegal kind.

At they noted Lovely Warren, who is a Democrat, frequently advocates for getting guns off the city’s streets. She also supports New York’s tough gun-control laws.

And recently announced a gun buyback initiative so, as the mayor put it our residents can feel safe in their neighborhoods and live the lives they deserve. Under that plan, people would be paid $150 for pistols and $250 for assault weapons.

And, lo and behold, the New York State Police found illegal guns in Rochester during a recent raid – one of them in the mayor’s home.

An ongoing state police drug sweep netted Warren’s husband, who was found with cocaine in his car, according to

State troopers subsequently raided Warren’s home and found an unregistered pistol and a rifle that apparently belonged to her husband.

The problem was that Warren’s husband was convicted of armed robbery in the late 1990s, and therefore could not legally possess a gun. noted that Warren enthusiastically embraced Rochester cops last August after they confiscated hundreds of guns.

We can’t legislate morality. We legislate consequences. So, the thing is, we are focusing on bringing these people do justice that is picking up these weapons but also getting the weapons off the street, Lovely Warren said.

As noted. The good news for Warren is that there are two fewer guns in Rochester today. Too bad for her that they were seized from her own home.

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