Ghislaine Maxwell will get plea deal, exonerate Prince Andrew and be free in few years
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Ghislaine Maxwell will get plea deal, exonerate Prince Andrew and be free in few years

Ghislaine Maxwell will strike a plea deal, exonerate Prince Andrew, and walk free in just a few years, a pal has claimed.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s anonymous friend reportedly told the Sunday Times they expect the socialite to survive the case as she awaits trial over her alleged links to Jeffrey Epstein.

Facing up to 35 years in prison as she pleaded not guilty to six charges, Maxwell will come trial next July over allegations she acted as Epstein’s pimp or madam.

However, Maxwell is facing criminal charges for the first time and denies any knowledge of Epstein’s depravity is expected to attempt to strike a plea deal with U.S. authorities.

Maxwell said they fully expect her to get a cushy deal with prosecutors, with it thought she could turn over other key members of pedophile Epstein’s inner circle.

They added however she will likely use any potential plea deal as an opportunity to exonerate Prince Andrew over his alleged links to the case.

Prince Andrew denies all allegations against himCredit: AFP or licensors
Prince Andrew denies all allegations against him. Credit: AFP

Andrew and Maxwell have known each other since their university days, and it is Ghislaine who is said to have introduced the Duke of York to Epstein.

The Duke is alleged to have slept with a 17-year-old sex slave who had been trafficked by Epstein at Maxwell’s house in London.

He strongly denies the allegations against him and claims he never had any suspicion of wrongdoing during his friendship with Epstein and Maxwell.

Prince Andrew has been facing pressure to cooperate with the authorities over the case, with his legal team insisting he has offered to assist the FBI.

Maxwell’s pal however seems to think she will use a plea deal to put claims about her old friend to bed once and for all.

The friend believes that Maxwell will only spend a few years behind bars for her alleged role in the trafficking scheme.

The pal said they expect Epstein’s brother Mark to use the $600 million the pedophile left behind to pay the victims.

The American legal system is notoriously flexible, so Ghislaine Maxwell will get a plea deal if she hasn’t struck one already, they said.

That means a large sentence, which will eventually be shortened, and in the process, she will likely seek to exonerate Andrew.

She’ll spend a few years dressed in an orange overall she will survive.

Maxwell potentially escaping with a soft sentence would be devastating to victims who are desperate for justice.

Victims consistently allege that Maxwell was an integral part of the abuse they suffered from Epstein.

Epstein himself struck a deal with authorities when he pleaded guilty to sex crimes in 2008 serving just 13 months in jail and being involved in a work-release program.

Attorney General William Barr is said to have called prosecutors to warn no harm must come to Maxwell.

It is claimed a plea deal could be struck if she has evidence leading to the conviction of bigger fish.

Maxwell has always denied any wrongdoing over her friendship with Epstein, and claims not to have seen him in years.

She is accused would procuring girls for him to abuse with victims claiming they would be duped as she claimed she was recruiting models of masseurs.

Her lawyers have accused the victims of trying to turn her into a scapegoat since the death of Epstein.

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