Get MCSE: Data Management and Analytics Certification: Microsoft 70-767 Exam Preparation

Data Management and Analytics Certification: Why Use Exam Dumps in Your Microsoft 70-767 Exam Preparation

MCSE: Data is an important tool of decision making in organizations today. Any company that values its data will always need a better data management system. As a result, appropriate professionals with up-to-date knowledge and skills in this area are always needed.

Microsoft’s SQL Server is the world’s second most used database after Oracle’s MySQL. In addition, Microsoft is also known as a respected vendor of IT certifications and exams to IT professionals such as database administrators.

From this article, you’ll know to become a real expert by getting the position of a database analyst, database designer, or business intelligence analyst. And how passing the 70-767 exam can help you. To add more, you’ll know how to prepare for this test.

Let’s analyze one exam (MD-100) that leads to the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics credential.

Requirements to Get This MCSE Certification

So, passing 70-767 exam earns you the MCSE badge in Data Management and Analytics. This certification has been designed for those specialists who are ready to verify their knowledge of data management and SQL administering.

Well, to acquire this credential you need to have a valid MCSA certification. It should be one of the five variants: SQL Server 2012/2014, SQL 2016 Database Administration, SQL 2016 Database Development, SQL 2016 BI development, or BI Reporting.

Then you need to pass one of the listed exams on the Microsoft official website, and 70-767 exam is one of them.

Read on to find out the details of 70-767 exam which is Implementing a Data Warehouse using SQL.

An Overview of MSCE Microsoft 70-767 Exam

Exam 70-767 focuses on working with a Data Warehouse using SQL. For you to take this exam, you need to be a database professional responsible for the design and implementation of databases and the data availability of your organization. The Microsoft 70-767 exam measures your understanding of the skills below:

  • Design, implementation, and maintenance of a data warehouse,
  • Extracting, transforming and loading data,
  • Building data quality solutions.

Other important details about the Microsoft 70-767 exam include:

  • It takes a maximum of 150 minutes to complete the exam
  • The number of questions ranges from 40 to 60
  • Questions format include build list, active screen, multiple-choice, etc.
  • The price each candidate should pay for the exam is $165

With enough understanding of the Microsoft 70-767 exam, it is time to prepare for it. Below we’ll provide you with several tips that could help improve your preparation process.

7 Tips to Ease Your Exam Preparation

  1. Have a study plan

An excellent way to study is to have an organized way of doing it. An excellent example of a study plan can be a timetable or schedule that splits the various skill areas in small bits making it easy to cover everything in a short while. Moreover, have a reminder on your phone that tells you what you need to study at a particular time. Besides, a reminder can prevent instances of forgetfulness.

  • Organize study area

You need to keep your study area clean and organized to avoid distractions. On your table, have only relevant study material and keep away anything that might take away your concentration. For instance, if there are entertainment magazines, a newspaper, or a gamepad, you need to keep them away until the study time depletes.

  • Take breaks while studying

As you study, avoid instances of information overload that may affect the results. Breaks allow you to ease up before you can resume. Often you will feel when to take a break by your level of concentration. Do not take long breaks because they may take away the morale. Take a few minutes to walk to the washroom, to drink some water and take a snack and immediately embark on your preparation.

  • Join a group

Studying may take a while, but on occasions between your revision, study with a group. For effective group study, participate in the discussions, this allows you to explain your responses and frame responses correctly. Moreover, other members can give you a new perspective of what you studied and make you understand complex areas easily. You can find multiple study groups online, start with the Microsoft community, and see what others recommend.

  • Use the right study material

Besides notes, there are other options for preparation that can make you prepare adequately for the exam. This can be training courses online, exam dumps, and so on. For training courses, you can find instructor-led training and self-training material on Microsoft Learning. You can also find video tutorials about 70-767 exam on YouTube and reliable websites such as Also at this site, you can also purchase a preparation Premium Bundle which consists of an expert-verified ete file, a training course, and a study guide for $39,99 now.

  • Keep yourself motivated

You need to enjoy your exam preparation process. For instance, if you do not like it silent when studying, you could listen to some soft music to keep your morale up. You could do some meditation during the breaks in the middle of your study process. Meditation calms your body and even reboots your mind for a more energetic revision process.

  • Practice with exam dumps

It is important to test your understanding of concepts. One of the best ways to do it is to check your progress with exam dumps. At you can download free and paid dumps in the ete format and improve your preparation using them in the ETE Exam Simulator. This software gives you a chance to gauge your readiness because you can create, edit and do an exam in a way that simulates the real exam environment. Besides, you can also measure the time you take to complete the practice exam in order to know whether you can complete the main test within 150 minutes.

Job Opportunities

The MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certification give you an opportunity to use your new knowledge and skill as a Database Developer, Database Administrator, System Engineer, BI Analyst, etc. According to, the average salary for anyone with this MCSE certification is about $93k annually.

Conclusion Adequate preparation for the exam is important in your journey to the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics credential. The above are but a few tips to help you prepare for the MCSE Microsoft 70-767 exam. All you need to do now is enroll for 70-767 exam or any other test available on the certification page. Remember that the secret of passing the exam is preparing with exam dumps from All the best as you look forward to becoming the next database professional in the IT industry.

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