George Floyd protests: Fires set, windows smashed, stores looted

George Floyd protests: Fires set, windows smashed, stores looted after 4th day in NYC

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) The NYPD made hundreds of arrest overnight as the protest continued across the country over the death of George Floyd in police custody.

Video shows luxury stores, like Chanel, targeted in SoHo. Fireworks were set off and some windows smashed as large crowds gathered in the street.

Police said approximately 250 people were arrested, six officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries and roughly a dozen police vehicles were damaged.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he’s considering a curfew after mobs plunder stores, set fires following day of protests. de Blasio said Monday he was talking with Police Commissioner Dermot Shea and Gov. Andrew Cuomo about the idea.

While Sunday’s demonstrations started peacefully, they once again took a violent turn for the fourth straight night.

There was, however, a rare moment of unity in Times Square. An NYPD officer was seen taking a knee in solidarity and then hugged by a demonstrator.

People from all over the place feel the same way, one protester told CBS2. We’re all hurt, we’re all tired, and we’re all coming together. This is going to happen for a change.

A large group from Bryant Park joined another from Union Square and marched together into Times Square.

I just love seeing how everyone has come together and just come here to support one another, another protester added.

Protesters eventually walked downtown across the Manhattan Bridge to meet up with another group in Brooklyn, where scenes were more tense. Some demonstrators staged a die-in protest, and police cars were painted with graffiti.

Throughout the weekend, cameras captured fires, vandalism and looting.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said officers will be investigated as well after video showed an NYPD cruiser lurching into a crowd near Prospect Park. Protesters had been hitting the car with debris.

These acts of the NYPD wielding multi-ton vehicles against protesters undermines the effort to make our streets safer, said Transportation Alternatives Deputy Director Connor DiAquoi.

The mayor said the incident is under internal investigation by the NYPD, but the state attorney general will also look into cases where officers appeared to react with aggression.

Moreover, According to The Nations wife of Derek Chauvin, who knelt on George Floyd’s neck during his brutal arrest, has filed for divorce, her lawyer said.

In a statement issued by her lawyer, Kellie Chauvin said on Friday night she will split from her husband, who’s been charged with murdering the 46-year-old black dad in Minneapolis.