Fake marriages: Chinese gang arrested for trafficking girls to China

Fake marriages: Chinese gang arrested for trafficking Christian girls to China

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) while taking an action against the gang raided a marriage ceremony in Faisalabad, Pakistan, arrested the Chinese groom who has been identified as Chang.

Zahid, a Christian father: Kashif, a matchmaking agent, Mendes, a Chinese girl, and others were additionally taken into custody in the raid.

According to detail, the F.I.A on Thursday arrested a gang concerned in the trafficking of Christian girls to China on the fake pretext of marriage.

These agents trap the poor innocent parents of girls and marry their daughters by promising them millions of rupee.

A mafia is active in various cities of Punjab, having posters of marriage proposals of Chinese men.

A gang member, named Candis, has been arrested from Lahore while the leader of the gang.

Girls aged as young as 13 years old were recovered from the gang.

FIA sources said that this arrest will lead to the network of the gang.

fake marriage

A number of Chinese nationals are residing in Pakistan following the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Some of them have even bought houses and cars here. These Chinese nationals are often seen violating domestic laws.

Nonetheless, they continue to marry Pakistani Muslim girls. Recently, a gang of Chinese men involved in human trafficking and the sale of human organs in China was revealed.

The gang had ulterior motives behind marrying the Pakistani girls as they take them to China after marriage and force them into prostitution.

They made fake certificates of being Muslims and also changed to Islamic Names while they did not even know the first Kalma.


Responding to the reviews, the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad issued an announcement after a female lawmaker voiced her issues over the issue in parliament.

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Both China and Pakistan undertake the rule of regulation and firmly oppose human trafficking and sales of human organs, the statement study.

Beijing termed the reviews approximately the sale of organs deceptive and groundless.