Ertugrul actress Esra Bilgic’s new photo will make you love her even more

Ertugrul actress Esra Bilgic's new photo

Turkish serial, Ertugrul actress Esra Bilgic – who is enthralling fans with another season of her hit drama ‘Ramo’ rocked a casual look to show off her natural beauty as appeared as a fitness diva in a new photo she shared on Instagram.

Esra Bilgic shared a brand new photo of herself, looking as fresh as the morning dew in a chic outfit.

In the picture, Esra Bilgic is seen wearing a green shirt and trousers, giving the impression as she’s looking at something with anger or surprise.

Her Instagram feed flooded with messages of praise and appreciation from her fans around the world.

Her dazzling looks in the drama attracted huge applause from the people who want to see their favorite star in every role.

Esra Bilgic has become a huge name in Pakistan soon after the broadcast of Dirilis: Ertugrul on Pakistan Television (PTV).

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