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Secret Tips To Create Strong Teams To Win Every Fantasy Cricket Test Match

Fantasy cricket is one of the most popular online games. It is needless to say that it is one of India’s most talked-about virtual games right now. Indians are cricket crazy, and this game has been a part of our culture for ages now. The cricket frenzy world got crazier with the launch of IPL. And yes, fantasy cricket is inspired by the IPL.

The best part about fantasy cricket is that it is a quick escape from reality. You can switch off from the real world and engage in a world of cricket for some time and engage with fellow enthusiasts. There are various kinds of matches that you can play and even challenge opponents across the internet. “Download fantasy cricket app” to know more.

Keep an eye on the weather and pitch reports, and you are good to go. You will be able to win the games and even get cash prizes. Now comes the million-dollar question: how to create a strong team for the same. Just like real cricket, you have to build a solid team for fantasy cricket. But how do you do that?

Here, we will share some tips on the same.

You first need to know that you have to select the best 11 players for your team. Your winning chances depend on how these players are going to perform, and this is why you must gain some knowledge on how this works.

  1. Check player performance: It is important to check a player’s form and how he has performed in recent games. Experts say that recent form is more important than how good the player is. Going for class players will help you stay safe in the long run.

To strike the perfect balance in your team, choose allrounders. Do not get emotional while picking the players. Your favorite player might not help you win. Be practical.

2. Analyze the weather and pitch report: The weather and pitch report plays an important role in helping you choose the best players. If you want to select the right set of players, make sure you have ample knowledge. For example, if it is a dry and dusty pitch, you should go for more spinners. Similarly, go for swing bowlers and power hitters if the pitch is a green-top wicket. Check the weather forecast to be on the safer side.

3. Select top-order batsmen: You need to go for top-order batsmen for fantasy cricket. Select wisely so that you can win easily.

4. Choosing Captain and vice-captain: Choosing the right Captain and vice-captain is very important because the Captain gets 2X points, and the vice-captain gets 1.5X points in virtual cricket. This decision can help you win the game or lose the same.

5. Making last-minute changes: You have to watch the game as you might have to make certain last-minute changes. A lot of changes also depend on who won the toss. You can drop and add players you have not selected earlier, etc.

6. Latest updates: You need to keep yourself updated about the latest announcements regarding the teams. Injury updates about players are also important because all this information will help you make vital decisions for your team.

7. Creating multiple teams: You must create multiple teams to increase the probability of winning. To be on the safer side, it is more important for you to create two to three teams. The permutation and combination of players should work in your favor. Be careful when choosing top-order batsmen, bowlers, fielders, and wicket keepers. Every player has an importance in your team, so choose wisely and do as much research as possible.

Keep a watch on the bulletin board, turn on notifications about the latest news and announcements, etc.

8. Do not get too greedy: Even if you are playing fantasy cricket to earn money, take care of your investments and choose smartly. Do not over-invest and lose all the money. You should be a careful player.

9. Bonus points: To win the game, you must understand how to fetch bonus points. There are many awards and advantages for fantasy cricket users. Keep track of players so that your winning chances are increased.

These are a few things you need to keep in mind when selecting cricketers for your virtual cricket team. Also, the more you practice, the better your understanding of the game would be. If you invest a substantial amount of time daily, you will become a pro soon. But you have to take an interest in the game. Do not invest a lump sum in a single game, as that would be too risky! You can only take such chances when you become an expert in the field. Try to read blogs, watch videos and read updates to win cash prizes.

Also, select your matches with care. Given the new variant, staying at home and entertaining yourself on these sites is better. The games’ popularity in recent times is evident from this informative Forbes blog.

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