Cop who threatened to shoot protesters through door of his home, accidentally kills fellow police officer

Cop who ‘threatened to shoot protesters through door of his home’ accidentally kills fellow police officer

A Police officer accidentally killed a fellow cop who was at his front door after he threatened to shoot protesters who showed up on his doorstep.

Calvin Salyers, a 33-year-old officer with the Alexander Police Department in Arkansas, surrendered to authorities after he was charged with manslaughter in the death of Scott Hutton, 36.

Salyers unintentionally killed Hutton, who also worked for the same department, at his home in Alexander on June 3, Arkansas State Police said in a news release last week.

Deputies were called to Salyers’ home last month after he and his girlfriend told them an officer was down by accidental gunfire, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

Special Agent Ryan Jacks, with state police, wrote in court documents that Hutton approached Salyers’ door and knocked.

Salyers looked through the peephole while holding a firearm, and told authorities he saw a dark figure with a firearm.

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The cop said that when he moved his weapon to his other hand to get the door handle, he accidentally fired his gun through the door – hitting Hutton in the chest.

Investigators said that just days prior around the time of the riots in Minneapolis following George Floyd’s death in police custody, Salyers said he would shoot through the door if protesters showed up at his home.

Hutton went to Salyers' home to pick a patrol car, but died at a hospital in Little Rock a short while later
Hutton went to Salyers’ home to pick a patrol car but died at a hospital in Little Rock a short while later. Credit: Go Fund Me

Alexander Training Sergeant Matt Wharton said in the documents he reprimanded Salyers and told him that shooting through the door would be reckless and negligent.

Wharton said he told Salyers that cops couldn’t just shoot anyone without first identifying them as a threat.

The police department used those statements from Salyers as part of their investigation into the shooting of Hutton.

During their investigation, authorities said they found contact residue on Salyers’ door, which suggests his firearm was pressed against the door when it was fired.

A spokesperson for the police department told the Democrat-Gazette that cops experience a thorough and extensive firearms training course and can get additional training if needed.

We qualify easily twice a year, Sergeant Jessica Burnett said of the training. Pretty much any extra training that the officers want, they’re able to go to. We don’t turn down for any training.

Hutton went to Salyers’ house on June 3 to pick a patrol car and died later at a hospital in Little Rock, the state capital located roughly 15 miles northeast of the city.

All I have seen was a gun, it was an accidental discharge, Salyers said during his 911 call.

Officials said the prosecuting attorney made the decision to charged Salyers with manslaughter.