Clinic run by medic infected with COVID sealed in Islamabad, Pakistan

Clinic run by medic infected with coronavirus sealed in Islamabad

The Islamabad district administration of Pakistan on Saturday sealed a private clinic being run by a doctor who had tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to the details, the physician was doing medical practice at the clinic despite his coronavirus test had come back positive.

The local authorities, on a tip-off, conducted a raid at the clinic located near Sitara Market in the federal capital and sealed the medical facility that was spreading coronavirus among the patients.

The physician was identified as Dr. Gul. The authorities have started legal action against the doctor.

Earlier on June 4, after a sharp increase in the local transmission of coronavirus cases in Islamabad, the district administration had sealed nine more localities and streets in the federal capital.

According to a notification, the district administration, as part of precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus, had called Army, rangers, and police to ensure complete lockdown at the coronavirus hotspots in Islamabad.

Chatha Bakhtawar, PWD Housing Society’s block-6, Saudi-Pak Towers, Pakistan Sports Board, National Police Foundation, and their surrounding areas had been sealed after confirmed coronavirus cases had been reported from the localities.

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