China’s top coronavirus expert predicts a decline in global cases by April end

China’s top coronavirus expert predicts a decline in global cases by April end

A top adviser of the Chinese government dealing coronavirus pandemic Dr. Zhong Nanshan has claimed that the virus is likely to reach a turning point globally at the end of April.

His remarks were carried by Shenzhen Television Station, where he was giving an interview on the measures taken by the most populous country in the world to tackle the virus outbreak.

It is pertinent to mention here that China has contained the outbreak of the virus through taking stringent measures as currently, its death toll stands at over 3200 despite being the epicenter of the virus at the beginning.

While briefing on two methods to deal with the virus outbreak, the epidemiologist said – One is to suppress to the lowest level and stop it from spreading, and then buy more time.

The other is to delay (the transmissions) and reduce the number of patients through some methods.

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As more countries have imposed strong measures, I estimate that it should be around the end of April when (the number of new confirmed cases) would decline.

Dr. Zhong also dismissed claims that the country is facing a looming new outbreak due to the so-called silent carrier, who are infected with coronavirus but show no symptoms.

He said no evidence showed that asymptomatic cases have a high transmission rate.

Commenting on that, Dr. Zhong said the chances of recovered patients being infected again were small due to the antibodies in their bodies.

And even they do test positive once more in rare cases, the transmission rate of these people would be low because no live viruses have been cultivated from test samples of such cases.

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