China Plans to Deliver Free WiFi Internet Service All Over The World

free wifi all over the world by 2026

Beijing: A Chinese internet technology company LinkSure Network has announced the provision of free internet service around the world by 2026.

According to the details, the Chinese internet technology company made the announcement on Thursday, 29th November. It said that by the year 2026, it will send not one but two satellites in space. As a result, free internet will be provided everywhere in the world. LinkSure Network revealed that free WiFi internet will be made available in terms of free Wifi.

The company declared that its first satellite, called the SureWin will be sent to space in 2020. The second one will be dispatched 6 years later which will work on 272 satellites in space. The public relations officers of LinkSure said that the internet connection from one satellite to the other will be ensured. For this to work properly, an experiment had been carried out through a SpaceX rocket.

It has also been confirmed that after the commencement of the service, a satellite icon will be displayed. This will be shown on mobile phones, computers, and several other smart devices. It will mean that you have become online.

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Keep in mind that the company has already gained popularity by providing a free Wifi Master facility prior to this.

The company officials told that they worked along with the Chinese Academy of Space to begin operations on the satellites. As the internet web spreads around in space it will allow billions of users to benefit from the internet.

According to the Chinese media, the project will incur billions of dollars. To finance this scheme, other international firms and investors will contribute.

The company has also announced that people who will use the free internet service will have to watch advertisements. Hopefully, the revenue generated from the ads will allow further expenses to be paid off.