Change Mileage on Car – Is it Still Possible to Roll Back Digital Odometer?

Change Mileage on Car – Is it Still Possible to Roll Back Odometer?

When manufacturers started mass-producing digital odometer they hoped it would put an end to mileage-related fraud. The fact that it records data in the control units should have stopped people from reprogramming the mileage.

Many still believe that digital odometers were the ultimate solution to the problem. But the truth is, they didn’t improve the situation that much. People still reverse the mileage even with digital odometers.

Mileage blocker from is a premium device that was designed for testing. Let’s see which tools people use to rewind the numbers on the trip meter.

What is a mileage blocker?

A mileage blocker is a unit that stops recording the mileage. The manufacturers designed it for testing purposes. They wanted to create a tool that would enable the users to check the real capabilities of their vehicles in a controlled environment. Therefore, it’s an ethical device with versatile features.

However, some people activate it on public roads and utilize it immorally. You shouldn’t use this tool for fraudulent purposes.

Another mileage-related tool that car-owners use with digital odometers is the odometer programmer. It can reset or roll back the numbers on the trip meter. However, its disadvantages outweigh its perks.

Does mileage stopper work with digital odometers?

The mileage stopper from works perfectly with digital odometers. As it stops recording the mileage in all control units, you can use it for testing without any trouble.

The odometer correction tool can program the digital odometer as well, yet it can’t alter the recorded data in the control units. This means that any diagnostic tester can detect the discrepancies.

Even though the mileage stopper is a superior tool, it’s not meant for public roads. Therefore, you should make sure you’re utilizing it for checking the performance of your vehicle.

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Is it ethical to use the odometer blocker?

The odometer blocker from is ethical to use for testing purposes. The tool itself doesn’t have moral baggage. Those are the actions of some customers that create drama around it.

As mentioned, the odometer blocker has ethical applications in a controlled environment, which is why it’s important to use it properly.

What makes a kilometer stopper a better alternative compared to the odometer programmer?

The kilometer stopper from is a better alternative as it works perfectly with a digital odometer. The fact that it’s more ethical to use is one of its primary advantages as well.

Moreover, the kilometer stopper is completely safe to install and use. It has a plug-and-play module, which means you won’t have to solder any cables. The only thing you’ll have to do is dismount the odometer and connect the tool. It will take you less than half an hour, while the activation needs a couple of seconds.

The odometer programmer, on the other hand, may sometimes force you to cut cables, which can be dangerous for the vehicle. It doesn’t have any ethical applications and its utilization could even result in legal trouble.


It’s still possible to change mileage even with digital odometers. However, the tools that are used for reprogramming the trip matters are usually easily traceable.

It’s better to turn to a mileage blocker that offers better features and performance. The important thing is to remain ethical and use it for its intended purpose.

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