CEO of hospital where Ross Kemp documentary filmed brave NHS staff receives death threat

CEO of hospital where Ross Kemp documentary filmed brave NHS staff receives death threat

The CEO of the hospital Joe Harrison where Ross Kemp filmed a documentary about NHS staff battling the coronavirus has received a death threat.

Milton Keynes University Hospital gave access to the former EastEnders actor and a small crew for “Ross Kemp: On the NHS Frontline”.

Ross Kemp filming on Milton Keynes University Hospital
Ross Kemp filming on Milton Keynes University Hospital
Chief executive Joe Harrison
Chief executive Joe Harrison

After his visit, he paid tribute to the staff and compared the situation they faced tacking coronavirus to heroes in war zones.

But the hospital admitted it received some criticism for the doc but said it was an opportunity to explain the virus and how it’s treated as well as give assurance to the loved ones of those being cared for.

Now, chief executive, Joe Harrison tweeted that he has received a death threat as a result of allowing the filming.

“I have never been concerned about giving media access to the hospital I am privileged to lead, because I am proud of my staff & the care we provide.


Today I worried. I guess that’s what these threats are designed to do. The threat came as a response to media access.

Mr Harrison said he has reported the threat to the police.

I welcome debate & will listen to feedback on any issue. Threats like this aren’t debate. They are meant to frighten & control. I do not tolerate abuse & violence against NHS staff & I will call it out.

Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, which represents hospitals and trusts in England, gave his backing to Mr Harrison, calling the threat completely unacceptable”

It’s important that everyone understands what is going on in the NHS they fund to save people’s lives, he said.

Allowing appropriate media access enables that. It’s also a way of honoring and celebrating the extraordinary work being done by frontline staff.

Telly hardman Ross said explained that him and a cameraman were permitted into the ICU for just under 30 minutes where we were fitted with PPE.

The equipment we wore was replaced with their own stock so that they were not a drain on the hospital’s resources.

He said staff at the hospital were putting their lives on the line to fight the disease.

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