Quantum Compass: The Future of Navigation

If you’re unwell from Uber/Careem's drivers coming to the incorrect area every time? Scientists from M squared and Imperial College London might also have...
samsung galaxy x foldable phone

Samsung Just Unveiled Revolutionary Foldable Smartphone.

At Samsung's annual developer convention in San Francisco Wednesday, the company finally revealed its long-rumored foldable smartphone. Samsung calls its foldable smartphone era the Infinity...
WhatsApp Private Reply Feature

WhatsApp Private Reply Feature Arrives for Android

WhatsApp continues taking off new features to stay in the spotlight. WhatsApp for Android is currently revealing another feature for beta users, namely, Private...
samsung galaxy x foldable

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable To Be Unveiled Before Galaxy S10

Samsung will announce the Samsung Galaxy X, a foldable smartphone ahead of the very foreseen Galaxy S10, according to prolific leaker Ice Universe. This presumably...

Whatsapp update features PIP mode for YT, FB, & Instagram videos

Native Support for the feature Picture-in-Picture mode was introduced by Android Oreo and has been embraced by any semblance of the VLC media player...

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What Makes Huawei Tablet Stand Out From Other Tablets

What Makes Huawei Tablet Stand Out From Other Tablets?

Huawei has long been known for its excellent mobile phone design, high-quality electronics, and innovative services. In recent years, Huawei has also entered the...

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Alyssa Milano Defends Her Silence On Joe Biden Sexual Allegation After Rose McGowan Calls Her 'Fraud

Alyssa Milano defends her silence on Joe Biden sexual allegation

Alyssa Milano has taken to Twitter after she's getting dragged on the Internet for supporting presidential hopeful Joe Biden despite past sexual allegations against...

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