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FBR Gearing Up to Add Car Buyers Into The Tax Net

FBR gearing up to add car buyers into the tax net Anyone who has purchased cars valued over Rs.1.5 million is now being accounted for...
asad umar

Asad Umar ready to meet Paypal CEO for Launching Service in Pakistan

Finance Minister Asad Umar focused on Pakistan's needs for a reliable online payment gateway. In order to promote the needs of the nation’s IT...

Pakistani passport’s ranking gets worse in 2018 report

Pakistani passport has decreased from the rank 102 to 104 from 33 nations in 2018. Henley Passport Index, turning into the third most exceedingly...

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What Makes Huawei Tablet Stand Out From Other Tablets

What Makes Huawei Tablet Stand Out From Other Tablets?

Huawei has long been known for its excellent mobile phone design, high-quality electronics, and innovative services. In recent years, Huawei has also entered the...

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Alyssa Milano Defends Her Silence On Joe Biden Sexual Allegation After Rose McGowan Calls Her 'Fraud

Alyssa Milano defends her silence on Joe Biden sexual allegation

Alyssa Milano has taken to Twitter after she's getting dragged on the Internet for supporting presidential hopeful Joe Biden despite past sexual allegations against...

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