Canadian Student Visa for select Pakistanis, Indians in 20 days

Canadian Student visa for select Pakistanis, Indians in 20 days

Canadian Student Visa – Canada has announced that it is expanding its Students Direct Stream (SDS) program to international students from Pakistan enabling them to get a student visa within 20 days.

This could well be called new rules for Pakistanis now with more good chances to get success for student visas – helping them to get the study permit in 20 days in most cases.

Pakistan was recently included in the SDS program by the Canadian Immigration Department, according to a press release issued on July 26. The Canadian government had initiated the program for students from India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam last year.

From now onwards, Pakistanis, Indians, and students of the Philippines, Cina, and Vietnam can apply for this stream.

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To apply for a student visa from Pakistan visit this website but remember that you already need to have been accepted into a Canadian university.

Through the SDS program, students can have their visa applications online submitted and are processed within 20 days. The application process is simple and brings more easy to apply from home.

Major requirements for SDS (Student direct stream)

You need to fulfill a number of requirements as follows:

  • belong to an eligible country for Student Direct Stream (Canadian Student Visa).
  • apply online only.
  • have been accepted by a post-secondary (college/university) designated learning institution in Canada.
  • have the minimum required qualification to follow your study program.
  • hold required educational transcripts and certificates.
  • have paid the tuition fees for the first year of your study program in advance.
  • fulfill the language proficiency requirements: 6.0 band score in IELTS in each skill (reading, listening, speaking and writing) or proficiency in the French language at CLB level-7.
  • You may have to provide extra documents such as Police character certificate, medical exam results, and biometrics, etc.
  • have secured a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of CANANIAN $10,000.

It’s a Canadian investment provided to you at a fixed rate. This is currently offered by the following banks.

  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
  • Bank of Beijing
  • Bank of China
  • RBC Royal Bank
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Bank of Xian Co. Ltd.
  • HSBC Bank of Canada
  • ICICI Bank
  • Habib Canadian Bank
  • SBI Canada Bank
  • Scotiabank
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

If you are not from one of the eligible countries for Student direct stream (SDS), you will have to apply through the normal Canadian student visa program.