British teen earn £260K by naming people’s children

British teen earn £260K by naming people’s children

A 19-year-old student from Britain has earned thousands of pounds by naming other people’s children.

Beau Jessup was on a trip to China along with her father where she was asked to help them in picking up an ‘English’ name for her dad’s friend.

She did, and her suggestion was well-received.

Upon returning to her home country, she thought it to convert her newly-discovered skill into a business.

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The first 160,000 tots were named for free but since then she has gone on to charge 60p per child and naming more than 670,000 babies, has cashed in thousands, which she says is now being used for her education.
She also realized that a lot of people in China want to have two names for their children, one in Chinese and another in English as traditional Chinese names may be difficult for people in the west to pronounce, spell and remember.

A common perception in China is that having such an alternative name increases the prospects of jobs in the west.

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However, China is a country where many western websites are banned, therefore people, having no access to baby-naming websites, end up naming their kids like Rambo, Rolex, Gandalf, and Cinderella, Beau told the UK daily.

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